Hi, and Welcome to It's not really a radio program in the registrarse en dafabet established broadcast sense.  It's actually more like a narrowcast. Everywhere, podcasts like this one are finding audiences who have a common interest and who enjoy listening to what they want, when they want. And the audience of birders is growing.

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Depending on what study you're looking at and how you define it, birdwatching may be the most common outdoor activity in America. Active pursuit of birds, keeping a record of what you see, feeding the birds, and bird photography all continue to increase. There is now a vibrant birding industry. This includes retail stores selling bird seed and bird supplies, more new specialized optics for those who want to view, photograph, and document their sightings, a growing number of field guides and magazines, and more than a few travel and guide services for birders who want to make their vacations more than just a day at the beach or a snooze in the hammock

I hope that, through this podcast, we can bring you interesting interviews and conversations with people who represent all the areas I've just mentioned. We'll be talking with authors, artists, columnists, bloggers, professionals and back-yard birders...all of whom have a story to tell and a passion to share.

We're just getting this venture going  and it's not my full-time job  so, if you have suggestions or ideas...I'd love to hear them. I'm hopeful I'll have a chance to share some of your e-mails on the program and maybe even speak with a few of you on-air.

My long-term plan is to actually schedule some live call-in programs that will allow you to join in the conversation with some of the personalities and experts we plan to host. Also, I want to have a section for some news updates from the world of birding, and perhaps a schedule of events, reviews of  birding festivals, etc.

But most of all, I like talking with people. I love finding out what makes them tick, why they like birds, and how birds have influenced their lives.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for guests or topics. I'd love to hear from you.

So, happy birding, good listening, clean your lenses, and be wear your sunblock!




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